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 Hi, my name is Ben Forrest. I have personally been involved in over 50 business sales transactions with a value of $220m+

I have spent most of my life in the agribusiness sector.  I was born and raised on grazing country in Western QLD.  I spent the first half of my life on the land and jackerooing in QLD and NSW during the 1990's.

After I returned to QLD, I completed a degree in Agribusiness at UQ Gatton and transitioned to business and commercial property transactions owning and operating my own franchise.

After 12 months abroad, I then spent 5 years at Rabobank Brisbane lending to a wide range of business clients before moving across to Colliers International Brisbane. From 2016 he was involved in medium and large scale transactions across Qld, in the 2019 year heading up the Qld property team. 

My successful business background along with my skills in evaluating businesses gives me the ability to correctly price your business.  

The team at Morgan Business Sales have developed an industry first online business and sales and marketing system that not only promotes your business to high quality potential buyers, it is also completely confidential and gives buyers all of the information at their fingertips to help them make a fast decision on the purchase.  This system has enabled us to close over 70% of businesses listed with us which is more than 3x the industry average.

If you are in need of advice in selling your business and going to market at the maximum sale price my experience and our systems are for you!

You can contact me directly on 0427 580 000     

Or via email here

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Ben's Testimonials

For most people who live on the land, selling out is not only a transaction of a land sale, but the selling of your family home, and leaving your community that has meant everything to you for many years.  In my case, it was where my husband had died and our children had grown up.  After much discussion and deliberation, we decided to sell Stockholm, and I began the task of finding an agent.

After a fairly rigorous campaign, I decided to appoint Ben Forrest.  I liked the idea of having an agent, who had runs on the board.  It was important to me to have someone who I could communicate with, who was innovative with fresh ideas, professional, and sensitive to the situation.  Ben displayed all these qualities, including a very good grasp of the local knowledge in Western Qld. 

Ann Ballinger



The decision to sell our farming properties which had been in our family for over 60 years was not taken lightly. Ben was very respectful of where we were at throughout the process and at no time put any pressure on us to make decisions that we weren’t comfortable with.

Coming from a rural background Ben is very knowledgeable about agriculture/horticulture and his experience in real estate and banking was invaluable in making decisions about the best way to market our properties and get real value for money and the most impact for our marketing spend. He was in constant contact with us from the very start without being intrusive. He was extremely supportive during the actual sale process which can be quite stressful especially if it is your first time going through such an involved and high value process. Ben continued his contact with us right through to settlement and made sure that we were comfortable with everything that was happening.

 We have no hesitation in recommending Ben and his team and wouldn’t hesitate to have Ben represent us again should the opportunity arise.

Ros Smerdon
Glasshouse Aggregation

Hi, my name is Belinda Packer. I have over 20 years of experience as a business owner and in the Financial Planning sector.

I can use my past experience to achieve the best possible outcome for buyers and sellers as I have owned multiple businesses in different industries ranging from Transport Services, Hospitality, Online Sales, Manufacturing, Construction Services, Consulting, Business Advisory, and now Business Sales specialising in Mergers and Acquisitions. I learned very early as a business owner how to buy a business, increase the profits then sell and then roll the capital gains into another business. This is where my love for the business grew as I was learning about a new business with each acquisition. The accounts of each business fascinated me and that’s when I decided to get my Financial Planning degree to understand why financial statements and balance sheets are very important for any successful business.

I am well versed in understanding the intricacies involved in a sale in all business sectors, and I have the drive and commitment to get the sale done. This is how I have built a large network of both buyers and sellers and a repeat client base and how my specialised field of Mergers and Acquisitions developed. My attention to detail and clever strategies in structuring a sale has created long-lasting relationships with my clients.


I am an active speaker at Women in Business events supporting and sharing my knowledge around strategic ideas of what people need to know when starting a business. I provide a professional service to my clients and I am not your average business broker.


If you are looking to sell or preparing to sell your business, my experience, my commitment to our systems are for you!

You can contact me directly on 0432 541 017     

Or via email here

See my Linkedin Profile here

Belinda's Testimonial's

Tom Inglis

Belinda kept me abreast of the process, pressed me when I needed it, and was integral to our business growth.


Jennifer Kennedy

Thank you to Belinda Packer who is a thoroughly professional broker and a delight to do business with. We could not have done it without her, she is knowledgeable, efficient, and a very good communicator. I would recommend her as someone you can trust.


Angela Jankovic

I have only known Belinda for a few months but can express my appreciation and gratitude towards the way she has assisted me through the process of selling a property. It can be quite daunting at times, but Belinda just knows how to take that pressure off you by her wisdom and knowledge of the industry.

 Belinda is very efficient when it comes to communication, always keeping me up to date on whatever is transpiring, which is very important to me, thus displaying confidence in her ability in selling property. She is passionate about her industry and the Benchmark slogan of “We value your business, you’ll value our experience” is exactly what Belinda provides. I have no hesitation and recommending Belinda to any prospective client wishing to sell their business/property, requiring the services of a woman whose honesty and integrity are beyond question.

If You Fail To Plan, You are Planning To Fail

The decision to sell a business and retire can have far-reaching impacts on family, relationships, nances, personal happiness, and self-fulfilment. 
In my experience, the 4 biggest mistakes I've seen business owners make when they put their business up for sale without much forethought and
planning are: 

Mistake 1

Not having a tax effective sales strategy in place

Businesses can generally be sold in two ways, either a company sale or an asset sale. Both have very different taxation implications so it is important to plan ahead. 
We recently transacted a deal for a client in a company structure which enabled him to transition into retirement virtually tax free. 
The client's original proposal for us to simply perform a business asset sale would have cost him over $325,000 in additional taxes. Needless to say, our client is very happily retired now. 

Mistake 2


Not understanding employee obligations (long service leave and other entitlements) 


Last year we sold a very long established business for a client. Unfortunately, the client failed to get advice in relation to his employee obligations. 
At the time of settlement, he owed more to his employees than he received from the sale. This caused tremendous pain and could easily have been

Mistake 3


Failing to understand your premise lease


There comes a time when a business owner has to negotiate a lease. You only get one chance to get this right, because once it’s signed, “that’s it!”
Far too often we see clients hurriedly trying to negotiate with their landlord for a lease extension or lease variation at the last minute. This places
enormous stress on both the buyer and the seller.
It also gives the landlord a position of strength because they know they are holding "all the cards". 
In many instances, this can enable the landlord to charge excess fees or increase the rent. With time on your side, planning, and some expert advice this can all be avoided.

Mistake 4

Employees finding out you are on the market

When staff find out you are for sale they feel unbalanced and tend to look elsewhere for other opportunities. This is why it is critical that you market your business with strict confidentiality. 
Once employees find out their business is on the market the effects can be devastating. 
I've personally witnessed an entire management team walk out the door and join the opposition because they felt unsteady. 
This can cause significant pain but can easily be averted with a well planned and executed exit strategy. 

What's the best approach to planning your exit if you are.....

  • Ready to retire and spend more time with your loved ones, and perhaps take that vacation you have been putting off for years?

  • Done with managing staff and want to transition to a more stress-free environment. 

  • Want to ensure you maximise your last meaningful paycheck and enjoy the rest of your life.

In order to successfully exit your business, you need to start planning today! And that plan involves....

Ensuring you go to Market in a Planned and Confidential Manner

You need to ensure your confidentiality is protected so that nobody other than your potential buyer knows your business is for sale. Crucially your staff, competitors and key clients should never know your business is on the market. 

Finding the most Effective Way to Start Planning your Exit Strategy

Don't waste hours and thousands of dollars trying to figure an exit strategy out for yourself. Find a business broker who not only has decades of business sales success, but they're using the latest sales and marketing techniques to sell your business AND maintain your confidentiality! (These goals should never be mutually exclusive.) 

Maximising your Sales Price

Making a detailed exit plan is the most important key to maximising the sale price of your business.  Many business people will tell you,  "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail"

How can you find an exit planning strategy that's perfectly suited to your specific business needs, without spending hundreds of hours of time you don't have to do the research?

Introducing Morgan Business Sales

Our  comprehensive 6 step guide that provides you with all of the tools and advice you need to help you sell your business faster - and for a higher price

Here's Everything You'll Recieve With Exit With Sucess

Detailed Business Appraisal Worksheets

Pricing your business correctly is one of the most important aspects of going to market so you will receive our detailed business appraisal & valuation worksheets, examples. and videos.

Our detailed guide will assist you to ensure you fully understand how to assess the value of your business. 

Complete Business Exit Planning Resources

Get everything you need to prepare for your sale including....

  • Planning Worksheets

  • Questionnaires

  • Interviews with Senior Industry Colleagues

  • Instructional Videos

30 Minute Session With a Specialist Exit Lawyer

You will receive a 30 minute session with one of Australia's leading business exit lawyers who will assist you with everything you may need to prepare from a legal perspective.  This will enable you to have an expert review of your lease, contracts and other important agreements prior to going to market. 

30 Minute Session with a Specialist Business Exit Taxation Accountant


Get a 30 minute session with a specialist business exit taxation accountant who will assist you with everything you may need to prepare from a taxation and accounting perspective.

30 Minute Session with a Specialist Human Resources Consultant

You'll also receive a 30 Minute Session with a Specialist Human Resources Consultant to ensure you are prepared for sale from an HR perspective.  This is essential to ensure you calculate any long service entitlements, superannuation entitlements correctly at the time of sale and also to ensure you adhere to any legal HR obligations.

30 Minute Session with a Specialist Senior Financial Planner

Finally, you'll also receive a 30 Minute Session with a Senior Financial Planner to ensure you are well prepared for life Post-Sale. 
The sale of your business may well be your last big paycheck. Careful planning on how to invest the proceeds is critical to ensure your future success.

Start Planning Your Exit

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