Thin Stripes

Businesses for Sale over $5 Million

At the moment we have several large businesses for sale ranging in price from $5 to $33 million. Their EBITDA’s range upward from $1.8 million. Some owners are prepared to sell a minority or majority stake in their business.   


For obvious commercial reasons, confidentiality is a priority in identifying companies of this profile and size, thus we can only disclose pertinent data to qualified buyers who are prepared to sign a very binding confidentiality agreement.

We also have an archive of owners of large (minimum revenue $10 million) who have not given us an active sell side mandate, but are willing to discuss a sale with genuinely interested and financially qualified parties.

We emphasise that confidentiality is the key imperative for all these significant transactions.   If you would like to learn about these large scale investment opportunities more please contact our team of highly qualified M & A specialists.