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Sophisticated Data Matching

We use leading technology to present you with a range of opportunities highly matched to your specific requirements. Save hundreds of hours searching through thousands of dead or old opportunities.  

Types of Acquisitions

Types of Business Acquisitions

There are two main ways for a company to grow. One is via increasing sales and the general size of a company’s operations over time – a strategy often referred to as “organic” or “internal growth." The other is via acquiring another company or a number of companies.

Organic growth can take time, in some cases many years. In the interim, your competitors can gain a strong foothold in the market.

Choosing to grow via an Acquisition can speed the process dramatically. Growth via Merger or Acquisition can provide an instant platform for a company to expand overnight, to fill a gap in the market, or to gain significant competitive advantages by unlocking synergies and economies of scale.

Growth by Acquisition can enable companies to expand into new markets far more rapidly. Your target may have spent many years developing a network of strong contacts or supply channels. By choosing to Acquire you immediately fast-track the process, enabling your business to gain traction in new markets instantly.

Horizontal vs Vertical Acquisitions

There are two main ways to grow your business via Acquisitions. Horizontal Acquisitions occur when you target operations similar to your own business (often competitors) to fast-track growth. 


Vertical Acquisitions occur when you choose to acquire a business that sits in your current supply chain. For example, a manufacturer may choose to acquire one of their key suppliers to ensure supply of raw materials or key components. Conversely, a manufacturer may also choose to acquire retail chain to ensure consistent distribution of its products. Vertical acquisitions are very common in larger businesses. Companies such as Apple and IBM have used a vertical acquisition strategy consistently over the years to accelerate their growth and to sure up supply chains.

It is important to consider the cost analysis going forward of growth by acquisition versus organic growth.  Factors such as time, human resources, research and development costs,  and marketing expenses all need to be closely evaluated to ensure you are making the correct choice.

Other Key Considerations

- What is the Return on Investment (ROI) over time?

- What key challenges will you face merging the new business into your existing operation?

- What changes will you need to make to the new business you are acquiring, ie, rebranding or upskilling of staff? What are the costs?

- How is the best way to grow your acquisition?

- To what level will the new business be integrated with your existing business?

Challenges - Staff Culture

One important consideration when you choose to grow via acquisition is staff culture. Whilst a deal can stack up financially, often cultural aspects are overlooked. The importance of staff culture and happiness is critical to the ongoing success of any business. Staff who may have been high up the chain in a smaller operation can often find themselves becoming a smaller part of a much larger wheel. Therefore, it is important to ensure you consider this as part of your due diligence process.

How many potential targets should I consider?

Typically once we have finished our initial interview and engagement with you we will target up to 100 hand-selected "appropriate" business targets. Each of these will then be confidentially approached by us. It is important to remember that at any one time only a small selection of these will be in a position to consider selling their business. Quite often they are also unprepared for sale. This is where our specialist team of Brokers steps in to collate each potential acquisition's information for you in an organised manner so that you can make an informed decision on the next step. Through our many years of experience, we know exactly what questions to ask. We will collate all of the information for you including tax returns, staff profiles, equipment lists, current market share, and other key data points.

​The collective experience of our Brokerage Team is second to none. From large corporate mergers and acquisitions to small local business sales, our trusted brokers have had years of transaction experience. We fully understand and appreciate the high importance of confidentiality and will always take due care to ensure all transactions are completed with minimal disruption to your business and staff.

Mergers & Acquisitions Specialists

 Hi, my name is Nikki Katz.  I was voted Australia's No1. Business Broker of the Year in 2020 & 2019.

The team at Morgan Business Sales have developed an industry first online business and sales and marketing system that not only promotes your business to high quality potential buyers, it is also completely confidential and gives buyers all of the information at their fingertips to help them make a fast decision on the purchase.  This system has enabled us to close over 70% of businesses listed with us which is more than 3x the industry average.

I was recognised for my professionalism and “Can-do attitude” within the industry, receiving REIA’s Australia’s National Business Broker of the Year Award – 3 years in a row amongst numerous others awards.

I strategically apply my knowledge, business experience, and innate sense of flair to the sale of Australia’s most desirable businesses. Offering a bespoke, boutique service to prestigious businesses, I am selective and deliberate in my approach to selling businesses.

As a qualified Trainer and Assessor and Certified Exit Planning Advisor, I am able to provide invaluable industry specific advice to hundreds of businesses, presenting at multiple business and networking events and being featured in various publications.

I am an advocate for Women in Business, a member of the board of The Australian Institute of Business Brokers and Chair of the Education and Training for AIBB. I am proactive in raising the standards and reputation of the industry, helping to ensure professional standards are maintained and all members are fully qualified and supported to advise Australian businesses.

If you are a business owner looking to maximise your sales price my experience and our systems are for you!

You can contact me directly on 0420 205 021     

Or via email here

See my Linkedin Profile here

 Hi, my name is Ben Forrest. I have personally been involved in over 50 business sales transactions with a value of $220m+

I have spent most of my life in the agribusiness sector.  I was born and raised on grazing country in Western QLD.  I spent the first half of my life on the land and jackerooing in QLD and NSW during the 1990's.

After I returned to QLD, I completed a degree in Agribusiness at UQ Gatton and transitioned to business and commercial property transactions owning and operating my own franchise.

After 12 months abroad, I then spent 5 years at Rabobank Brisbane lending to a wide range of business clients before moving across to Colliers International Brisbane. From 2016 he was involved in medium and large scale transactions across Qld, in the 2019 year heading up the Qld property team. 

My successful business background along with my skills in evaluating businesses gives me the ability to correctly price your business.  

The team at Morgan Business Sales have developed an industry first online business and sales and marketing system that not only promotes your business to high quality potential buyers, it is also completely confidential and gives buyers all of the information at their fingertips to help them make a fast decision on the purchase.  This system has enabled us to close over 70% of businesses listed with us which is more than 3x the industry average.

If you are in need of advice in selling your business and going to market at the maximum sale price my experience and our systems are for you!

You can contact me directly on 0427 580 000     

Or via email here

See my Linkedin Profile here

Hi, my name is Belinda Packer. I have over 20 years of experience as a business owner and in the Financial Planning sector.

I can use my past experience to achieve the best possible outcome for buyers and sellers as I have owned multiple businesses in different industries ranging from Transport Services, Hospitality, Online Sales, Manufacturing, Construction Services, Consulting, Business Advisory, and now Business Sales specialising in Mergers and Acquisitions. I learned very early as a business owner how to buy a business, increase the profits then sell and then roll the capital gains into another business. This is where my love for the business grew as I was learning about a new business with each acquisition. The accounts of each business fascinated me and that’s when I decided to get my Financial Planning degree to understand why financial statements and balance sheets are very important for any successful business.

I am well versed in understanding the intricacies involved in a sale in all business sectors, and I have the drive and commitment to get the sale done. This is how I have built a large network of both buyers and sellers and a repeat client base and how my specialised field of Mergers and Acquisitions developed. My attention to detail and clever strategies in structuring a sale has created long-lasting relationships with my clients.


I am an active speaker at Women in Business events supporting and sharing my knowledge around strategic ideas of what people need to know when starting a business. I provide a professional service to my clients and I am not your average business broker.


If you are looking to sell or preparing to sell your business, my experience, my commitment to our systems are for you!

You can contact me directly on 0432 541 017     

Or via email here

See my Linkedin Profile here

Current Aquisiton Directives

Childcare Adelaide

Private Centre Required. Minimum 100 place capacity. Budget to $20m AUD

Acquisition Agent

Nikki Katz

Construction Brisbane

Tuurnover $2m-10m. Employees 10-40. Price $500k to $2m. EBITDA Min $350k

Acquisition Agent

Rod Jessen

Electrical Services Brisbane

Minimum turnover $5-10m Management Team Essential

Acquisition Agent

Belinda Packer

Logistics Brisbane

Minimum Turnover $10m. Sale Price to $5m

Acquisition Agent

Belinda Packer

Logistics & Distribution Brisbane

Budget to $10m. Freehold also considered. Drop Shipping Preferred.

Acquisition Agent

Ben Forrest

Civil Works Adelaide

Ideal Revenue $10m-12m. Modern Fleet Preferred. EBITDA around $1m

Acquisition Agent

Nikki Katz

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