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Are you going to sell your business?

Have you thought about putting a plan in place? In the back of your mind there should be a point in time where you say, ok, its time to hang up the gloves and sell.

When should you start planning for the sale? After selling over 1000 business over the past 20 years I can tell you personally you need to start planning NOW, not later. Business buyers look for established businesses with systems in place.

No one wants to buy a business with major issues that require attention. Financial information should be clear and accurate, and your own personal role should be not critical to the business’s success or failure. Buyers quite often fear that without the owner putting in huge hours the business will simply fall off the perch and die.

This is why planning for an exit is crucial. If you’re thinking of selling now, or at any stage in the future, I encourage you to book a free 30-minute call with me today so that we can start to formulate a plan and I can offer you some key insights into how to achieve the maximum price for your business sale.

Click on this link now to book your free 30-minute session to discuss your best way forward.

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