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Do you need a business valuation?

We prepare Australia's most defensible business valuations. It's truly remarkable how valuable a formal evidence based business valuation can be.

A legally recognised valuation is:

1) The greatest single proof that a business is worth the asking price. A major assistance to obtain debt or equity funding.

2) The only way business partners can find out what their individual equity is really worth.

3) The best tool to validate compensation or insurance claims.

Our services include:

Expert witness testimony

Valuation of any retail, manufacturing and wholesale businesses

Valuations for complex compensation claims

Valuation of complex high technology software businesses

Valuations of patents

New venture feasibility studies and discounted cash flow projections

Valuation of technology start-ups including preparation of GANT charts

Financially structuring the commercialisation of disruptive technologies

Detailed due diligence for business acquisitions, including SWOT analysis

Measuring the financial performance of key executives

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