Regional Jet Airline

Regional Jet Airline


A partner is sought for a new jet FIFO airline about to sign a core FIFO contract.    Extremely fuel efficient high performance jet airliners will be employed. These late model aircraft have an enormous economic and comfort advantage over the older slower turboprops currently used for short haul FIFO contracts.  The first of the new jet airliners are already in Australia.   The operation is headed by a team of Australia’s most experienced and successful aviation executives.   A massive amount of research, networking and intellectual property has gone into validating the opportunity.  The anticipated 5 year returns are impressive, to say the least. The team a project a fleet of 10 aircraft and a 5th Year NPV of almost $48 million. A minimum of $AUD5 million is sought and a controlling interest may be available.   A highly detailed Information Memorandum is available to qualified/strategic partners.  

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