One of Australia’s leading Tool Supply Businesses is now available to suitably qualified buyers.  


This first class business located in Melbourne Victoria has been largely unaffected by the Covid-19 pandemic and continues to show strong annual growth.


The business supplies specialised hardware and building products within the growing domestic construction marlet.


Sales 2019/20 $10.9m

Net Profit 2019/20 $1,211,499


Sales July -Dec 2020 (6 months) $6.49m

Projected Sales for 2020/21 full year $12.2m

Projected Net Profit 2020/21 $1,578,989


Performance: The business has long demonstrated a stable 11-12% annual revenue growth rate.  
The EBITDA has remained a consistent 10-12% of Gross Revenue.  


Price  $4m + Stock at Value (SAV) approximately $1.3m


A comprehensive Business Information Memorandum is available to qualified parties after completing our confidentiality agreement here

Specialist Tool Supplier - Melbourne - EBITDA $1,211,499 (2020)